Somebody [cover]

by Blue October

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Obviously completely different than the original. My first piano piece and I can't play the goddamn piano.


[by Justin Furstenfeld]
So you dropped me
Held me by my feet and let me go
I fell between the seat, but nothing broke
I've yet to feel that brilliant afterglow
The one I knew of years ago
Now I'm twisted
Twisted from the waist and spun around
Promised only sky but given ground
Realized the makeup is for a clown
The clown I knew of months ago

I only wanted to be somebody
So fucking bad, I came unglued
I only wanted to be somebody
So here we are now, face to face
And I'm fucking you

So you caught me!
Wishing I were better than the rest
You hit me and left bruises on my chest
And when I wouldn't cheat
I spit upon your test
The test I tore up weeks ago
And now my fist is
My fist is for your face to cock the jaw
When I begin to rise, you start to fall
Now you know how it feels to drop the ball
The ball I threw back days ago


So I'll just stand right here for now
I should have won, but how?
I break a smart ass grin
Who let the loser win?
Let's break a smart ass grin
Let's let the losers win


released March 12, 2011
lyrics by Justin Furstenfeld



all rights reserved


Jolene's Leftovers San Francisco, California

I'm a narcissistic guitar playing singer not a screamer. I will play anywhere and will probably play a show for you if you ask me cos I love you.

Oh and hi my name's Kylie, nice to meet you.

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