CitEscape [work in progress album]

by Jolene's Leftovers

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obviously not complete yet


released August 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Jolene's Leftovers San Francisco, California

I'm a narcissistic guitar playing singer not a screamer. I will play anywhere and will probably play a show for you if you ask me cos I love you.

Oh and hi my name's Kylie, nice to meet you.

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Track Name: The 1st Trip
I bought a pack of cigarettes
Smoked half of one, then I threw the rest away
I was just trying to seem cool
I turned 18 the other day

And I don't like the taste of cigarettes
Unless it's on your breath
And I don't like the taste of beer
Unless you're here

I turn 21 in three more years
So I can't buy myself a drink
Just driving 8 hours is enough
To fuck my mind so I can think
And I'll rebel against myself
My parents were always too damn cool
I never wanted to smoke pot, do acid, or watch porn
But I'll drink to you

Here's to you, here's to me
Here's to the fucking highway 5
Here's to hills, here's to tattoos
And amazing vegan pies
Track Name: Working
I told myself to make it work
Put down with pen and paper all the tools I need to
Make it work
It only works when it's light or dark out
Until you put the spark out
It works all the time
The thing that isn't working is my mind
And this was working for me
Every inch of my head was where I wanted it to be
But then an airplane took that away from me
But I can make this work somehow
I have to try for me

My insides tangled up to spell something I can't decode
I wrote your name on children's papers I was meant to glue
The glue it stuck your name and the town that you live closest to
I swear to god my mind worked fine
When I was with you

I hid you in a song that everyone could plainly see
The lyrics weren't my own
But it still meant the world to me
I will not shake or bend or break
When it is working out
Yes this still works but I can feel my mind
Calling out

It's just you
It's you.
Track Name: Standing Up
My heart is in my mouth
And I can't seem to spit it out
I'm choking up while feeling down
God, how do I tell you?
I'm in love with myself
I'm on this masochistic plane
I'm only happy when insane
When I'm os sad I have to smile
You'll be waiting a long time

You see you've made me feel fine
And you've told me that you're mine
But I can't give up my quiet mind to you
Cos I'm so fucking fine

Thee's words caught in my throat
And I can seem to let it go
You make me happy yeah, I'll let you know
But I'm selfish till it's time for you to go
There's a chain around my chest
I'll fall in like with you at best
Link by link I helped forge it myself
Track Name: Truer Words
Turning pictures of faces
To nightmares beneath my eyelids
While my heart beats for an unknown friend
And truer words were never said
The creatures in my head are knocking
Turning from the doorway stalking
Catch them pull them by the tail
And put them in a prison cell
Allowed it's not allowed aloud
My words will never speak
When the jolene accent came so close
She showed me I was weak
And I have fallen past your heaven
Take a moment, get me out
We can stop and share some sunlight
On the way to In-N-Out you will
Be my mind
C'mon turn inside
It ain't that hard no way
Caress so soft my head is...
Track Name: Aren't I Fun?
*coming soon*
Track Name: Cloudy Boy
Goodbye to cloudy boy
Say goodbye to who you used to be
There's not much point in ignoring it
Do you know what you did to me?

I got a cap gun aimed at my head
Locked and loaded and I'm ready to go
I don't look before I cross the street
You know I'm bound to get run over
I'm British, I'm American
I got a cigarette in my drawer
I've got a cap gun aimed at my mouth
You know exactly who I'm doing this for
Track Name: Catalyst
My back was straight before I met you
I could stand up nice and tall
You're my catalyst for everything
Tripping me then you break my fall
You broke the seal of my heredity
Spilling shit I never knew was there

I used to wish I'd never found it
Now I embrace the part of me that scares
My mother
Makes my father proud
My sister ignores it
And you still keep me around

Oh catalyst, I love destruction
All the things you've made me do
I would still be stuck on average ambition
I blame my ugliness, a small part on you
But I thank you for my torment
And for the love you also use
You completely destroyed me
And I'm so fucking glad I met you

Track Name: Ships
As one of my heroes said
"I'm the captain of my pain"
But I'm starting to doubt that when I find
I can't reign it in
I say that ship has sailed
Such a damn long time ago
I watched its sails going up
I should've never let it go
Now I'm turning up my nose
At every broken heart I see
Saying keep your pity for yourself
I let mine float off to sea
It will be washing up to shore one day
After I've found my smile
So all I have to ask of you
Is kiss me and sit here a while

That ship it hasn't sunk yet
But can I one day say goodbye?
Finally bid it farewell
And watch the current die?

Another thing my hero said
(I can listen when I try)
He said "do not mock me when I say
let's drink one more before I die."
And I have many drinks to come, don't worry
But I'm deathly afraid
That the last few drinks I took
Were all a big mistake
The ship I bid farewell to
It has no provisions aboard
And I fear that means
It'll soon be back upon my shore

Track Name: Letter From the Shower
when I have time I'll type all that shit out. just listen carefully for now.
Track Name: Human Nature
I get through the daze
With acetaminophen drain
It keeps me from drinking
And feeling most pain
I get through the nights
The same damn ways
Television company
To keep the dreams away
Pinball mazes from my brain
I'd love to drink my week away
But only to make me so pathetic
That I could complain

I need a little home
Apartment would do fine
Somewhere to keep my apathy
I love it cos it's mine

And to me this is productive
Scribbling on a piece of paper
To me this is a work of art
My own human nature
Track Name: My Favorite Serial Killer
I just got a letter from a serial killer
He used a smiley face which is quite peculiar
He asked about my family
Asked about my favorite memories
I don't know how to respond
What do you say to a serial killer?
I can't ask him for advice
Although there's so much shit I need to know
Like how the hell do I get these flies out of my kitchen?
And where the hell did they come from?

Is it bad that I write to serial killers?
Is it bad that I like to drink on weekends?
Is it bad to be keeping secrets?
I apologize in advance
For hitting on your friends if I get drunk
And I'm not a bad person
Although I've cheated on someone
And though they never knew, I broke their heart
Not only that I think I tore their world apart

But I do the best that I can
And if they respect me well I'll respect my man
And although I write to serial killers
I really think that I deserve better

And I didn't think that I could reclaim my heart
You didn't break it, you just scared the shit out of me
And all the terrible things you made me believe about myself

Track Name: 108
No white walls, no straightjackets
Just a table with some flowers
And three meals a day

Do you want a chaplain?
Do you want a doctor?
Do you want some lexapro?
Do you want some water?
No angels to pray for me
No handcuffs anymore
Only a group of animals
Who've all slept on the same floor


Do you want to talk about it?
Do you want a friend?
Do you want to scream about it?
Do you want some meds?
Track Name: Live In The Mirror
She was in a bad state when she got off the phone Didn't know why she called except she was alone
With three other people to come to her aid
But rescue was not what she needed today

She needs to live in a black hole, she needs to live in a mirror
With constant reassurance that she's the fairest one there
She needs everything to stop to keep on moving
She needs a puppeteer to keep on living

Don't you think you better call her again?
It's been just three hours but she could fall down the drain
She could trip on her brain or eat her own heart out
Better call her again before it starts to get light out


What's she doing w/ that plug in her hand?
She looks so strange without her man
What's she doing w/ that song on her page?
Leaving a subtle reminder for when she jumps off a bridge